PTFE Cables

We are fabricating the PTFE Cables in Punjab. We are creating PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) Insulated wires and connections by PTFE Tape wrapping Insulation. PTFE Tape wrapping Insulation methodology gives perfect concentricity of conductors in PTFE Insulated wires and connections. PTFE Insulation with PTFE Tape wrapping technique is done by wrapping of multilayer fragile PTFE Tape over fitting or appealing conductors.

PTFE is a Fluoroplastic Polymer which gives superb insurance properties even under low temperature, high temperature and risks conditions in light of its inactivity to for all intents and purposes every single manufactured compound and acids. We are doing PTFE Insulation over various sorts of conductors avowing the guidelines. We are the supported makers of PTFE Insulated wires. We offer PTFE Insulation on following conductor materials. Nevertheless, changed single or multi-strand conductors may in like manner be used by application and essential of customers. We make PTFE Insulated wires and connections with Solid transport and stranded wonderfully round conductor advancements strands. Open sizes in multi-strand advancement are accessible with us.

Protection electrical properties don't change even after long haul warmth maturing. Protection has low dielectric consistent and dissemination factor, its high dielectric quality and protection obstruction indicates least changes over wide temperature, recurrence and voltage variances. P.T.F.E. wires is of less O.D. for a similar current conveying limit of PVC Insulated wires, accordingly spares space to encourage all the more no. of protected wires in a similar course. Its smooth surface additionally encourages simple channel pull.

PTFE Cables in Mumbai