PTFE Wire in Punjab is made using the best quality material to ensure higher versatility and long quality. The PTFE Insulated Wires and Cables can hold up under a tremendous extent of temperature starting from (-) 60º C to (+) 260 ºC. These are not inflammable and totally safe to be used. These are made weatherproof using a remarkable development. Also, these are made with an extraordinary arrangement space and particularly pleasant to use. In this manner, we have selected ourselves among the remarkable PTFE Insulated Cables Manufacturer arranged in India.

We make these wires sourced from the high class venders in the market. This unrefined material is then taken care of by our lord gathering of readied and master modelers by using the pushed pragmatic development to make the wires progressively secure and safe to use. We make the wire which regards the business measures. We supply the wires with the starting enthusiasm of our client or state customer. These wires have longer presence with the incomparable wonderful display.


  • These are Non-Flammable wires.
  • We are making the adaptable wires and links.
  • These wires are made astute for each working Temperature.
  • We are offering the RoHS Compliance wires.
  • These wires are made climate safe.
  • We are giving the concoction safe.
  • Electrical Stability of these wires is praiseworthy.
  • These are particularly planned with space sparing property.
  • PTFE Wire in Punjab